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Accessory Dwelling Units

Also known as ADU, Back yard Cottage, Carriage House, Granny Flat, Guest House, Pool House, & Secondary Dwelling

Types of ADUS

  • Detached, stand-alone Conversion​​

    • In the backyard or on the side yard of the house, not attached to the main house.​ 

  • Attached, bump-out Conversion​​

    • A section of your house wall is removed so that you can access the ADU from inside of your home.​

  • Internal Conversion

    • Takes a portion of the existing house and converts it into an extra living space, with its own entrance. ​

  • Garage Conversion​​

    • Can be attached to house or detached​ to the house. If you have no garage we can add one with the ADU.

Pool House ADU

The benefits of having a ADU on your property

  • Affordability

  • Care for the Elderly & Persons with Disabilities

  • Family Flexibility

  • Increased Property Value

  • ​Increase Resale Value​

  • Generate Additional Income

    • Rental income (Long term tenant)

    • Vacation rental income (short term tenant)

    • Empty Nesters (move into the ADU and rent out the house instead of down sizing)

  • Entertain Guest, Home Office, Hobby Studio, Artist Studio, Man Cave, Craft Studio.​

ADU digital design

Plan Types

  • Studio

  • Studio with Bathroom

  • Studio with Bathroom & Kitchen

  • One Bedroom with Bathroom

  • One Bedroom with Bathroom & Kitchen

  • Two Bedroom with Bathroom & Kitchen

*Parking Garage can be added if zoning allows.

ADU floor plan team

How much could you make if you rented out the ADU or  your home (if you moved into your ADU)?

*Please keep in mind this will be a current market analysis form a local Broker, as of the day you receive the email. The market does change day to day and due to seasons.

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

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